The Anne Fontaine Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c 3), created in 2011 by the fashion designer Anne Fontaine.

The Anne Fontaine Foundation aims to contribute to the reforestation and protection of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest - the Mata Atlântica- and to raise awarness of environmental issues through Art and Fashion. The Foundation wants to sensitize the public by organising artistic events in different schools and involving sculptors, painters and photographers. The foundation works and supports programs of reforestation implemented by local NGO's. The foundation also sells ecofriendly products designed by Anne Fontaine herself. 

Restoring a forest is a long-term goal, as is the Foundation’s commitment. For this reason, the Foundation has a set of comprehensive  principles which include:

•    Establishing and financing partnerships with recognized and locally active NGOs

•    Promoting awareness on the necessity of restoring forestland

•    Promoting sustainable activities and corporate social responsibility